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lutofocal"Multifocal Implants are used in approximately  10 % of my cataract cases and 80 % of these patients are glasses free for reading and distance" -Dr Ed Hauptman


 Typically, these aberrations are perceived as glare in certain low lighting situations and halos around light sources at night. Most people with multifocal lenses find these aberrations to be only mildly annoying. These generally settle over weeks to months. Haloes are a permanent feature of multifocal lenses but for most are not intrusive especially after the first 6-12 months. However, for those who do a lot of night driving these are not recommended


Reading with these lenses depends on good lighting , having both eyes operated with the reading distance relatively close .


Computer screen distances may be a little burred one may need a week pair of magnifiers for this distance. Generally intermediate vision improves over the period of 6—12 months and after the second eye is operated.


Costs of multifocal lenses The additional cost of multifocal lenses for insured patients is $680 per eye for insured patients and $1100 per eye for uninsured patients .  Patient with Hospital Insurance are completely covered for these lenses

This is a permanent lens and compares favorably with the cost of a single set of multifocal glasses, that often last only several years with day to day use.