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Specialises in Cataract surgery and Multifocal Lenses


with the A.c.h.s.

achs Berwick Eye and Surgicentre maintains standards and safety through an accreditation process involving membership of  the Australian Council of Health Care Standards.


Berwick Eye and Surgicentre was resurveyed in September  2016  and given the maximum of 3 years accreditation with ACHS. This is subject ot annual reviews and our next organisation –wide-survey is scheduled for September 2019

ACHS members

 have a commitment to patient care and service delivery and recognise the need for continuing quality improvement. ACHS members come from across Australia and from across the world - we work with organisations in Hong Kong, the Middle East, India and New Zealand. Our member organisations are from across the healthcare spectrum:


Designated Customer Services Managers provide focused guidance and support throughout the various phases of accreditation and in preparation for surveys.

ACHS surveyor teams monitor performance and are trained to provide consultation and support to member organisations during the self-assessment and pre-survey process