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Specialises in Cataract surgery and Multifocal Lenses

Blur and Distorted Vision

can be a signal of underlying eye or brain disease

Blurred and distorted vision

migraine2Blurred vision can similarly come from the eye or brain.

It may take an ophthalmologist or neuro-ophthalmologist to distinguish between diagnoses and determine whether the condition is harmless or sight or life threatening..

Cataract blur

cataractCataracts cause blur without much distortion. As they develop they can cause rapid changes in your spectacle prescription. If you think that you are having frequent changes to your glasses,  ask your optometrist if its due to developing cataract as this may need to be addressed first.   

Simple refractive errors and astigmatism similarly cause generalised blur.



Blur from stroke

blurfe strokeStroke of the brain affecting eyesight   typically causes people to lose a piece of their side vision. Often people are not aware that they have lost a significant portion of their sight because the mind “ fills in “ the defect though this does not stop people accidentally driving into or walking into objects in their blind segment