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Specialises in Cataract surgery and Multifocal Lenses


Caring for ex-service Personel and families

Berwick Surgicentre is contracted with DVA. We are privileged to look after our Veteran Affairs patients

Your hospital admission


Our nursing staff will prepare you for your operation. This will include: confirming your personal details and checking your consent form. You will have a private consultation with the anaesthetist before your operation. He will ask you about your general health, allergies, your current medications and any previous surgery or illnesses. You may be asked to sign a consent form for the anaesthetic. During your operation you will be monitored by the anaesthetist.

Your operation

The majority of day surgery is now performed under local anaesthetic with sedation. In the operating theatre you may be aware of noises from the equipment or the voices of the staff and you will see the nurses setting up the sterile equipment for your operation.


After your operation you will be moved to a comfortable recliner chair and your health is monitored by the recovery nurses. You will be given light refreshments. When you are ready you will be given discharge instructions and may then be taken home accompanied by a responsible adult

When you go home Allow yourself time to recover and rest during the first 24 hours.

Things to avoid:

 • Driving a car until authorized by your surgeon

 • Signing important documents (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic).

 • Drinking alcohol and smoking (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic)

 • Operating machinery

 • Any strenuous activity

 • Looking after small children