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Specialises in Cataract surgery and Multifocal Lenses


correction restores clarity

astigmatismAstigmatism means the front of the eye , the Cornea, that can be likened to the face of  a watch, is not round like the surface of a ball bearing or basketball but curved like the surface of an Australian rules football

How we measure it:


Pre-operatively,  we measure your eyes curvature with the IOLMASTER Biometer that can measure with front and back surface of your eye,  axial lengh,  lens postiona and thickness and corneal thcikness and retinal position to an accuracy of a thoiusand of a millimetre

Where there  is more than 0.75 Units ( Dioptres) of astigmatism we inverstigate this furhter with a Pentacam measurement , a fine optica sassement of degree and charateristics of astigmatism. This allows us to fully judge the best style of implant ( intra-ocualr kens as well as its precise measurement we need to determine for your maximal clarity and reduced dependance of spectacles after surgery