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the world standard in accuracy

The IOL 6000 is the first Swept Source OCT-based biometer, the IOLMaster 700 , enables OCT imaging and visualization across the entire length of the eye. In comparison to A-scan biometry, in which the eye is visualized in one dimension only, the IOLMaster 700 provides an image-based measurement, allowing one to view the complete longitudinal section of the eye—from the cornea to the retina


iolmaster Because OCT images can be captured along the entire length of the eye, the IOLMaster 700 allows identification of all ocular peaks and interfaces. This helps in selecting the best measurements, not only for axial length but also for measurement of corneal curvature

In eyes with astigmatism, the IOLMaster 700 acquires a reference image of the scleral and conjunctival vessels.  

The image allows intraoperative matching with the live eye image, eliminating the need for manual pre- and intraoperative markings of the astigmatism axis in conjunction with implantation of a toric IOL.

I have seen better refractive outcomes as a result of the highly precise measurements. In the future, this device may allow us to be much more precise in our predictions of effective lens position and in our imaging of the posterior corneal surface. Swept Source OCT with the IOLMaster 700 will open many doors with regard to biometry and IOL power calculation.