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Optical Coherence Tomography

essential to diagnosis

cirrus5000At Berwick Eye Centre we have installed the most powerful OCT machine available : the CIRRUS 5000 OCT and OCTA.

It allows the finest resolution or retinal, and anterior segment data and is also capable of OCT angiography,(OCTA)

OCTA is the gold standard to detect early diabetic retinopathy and has a role in many retinal vascular disorders.

The Cirrus 5000 is the best way to track glaucoma and macular degeneration to avoid over and under treatment. It also is capable of checking structures on the front of the eye to evaluate narrowed anterior chamber angles and the need for preventative laser iridotomy.





 It's pretty incredible how we can now look at the eye with a level of detail we never had before. Since this OCT gives me exponentially greater amounts of data, I can detect diseases at very early stages—which is especially beneficial in borderline cases.

As a cataract surgeon, I really like to look at the macula and retina, especially if I'm considering using a premium intraocular lens, to make sure I'm going to meet the patient's visual expectations.

If the patient is a diabetic, it's prudent to make sure that they don't have any macular edema. Sometimes these findings can be very subtle and CIRRUS is a really big help detecting it. Also, when you're examining patients, it's sometimes difficult to see previous LASIK flaps, but with CIRRUS you're able to pick that up very easily.

OCT In stroke






OCT in Glaucoma






OCT in Macular Degeneration






OCTA  in Diabetes







OCT in epiretinal membrane / retinal folds


oct folds