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Berwick Eye and  Surgicentre

We are a modern ophthalmic practice  and have been providing the communities in the South East suburbs with specialist eye care for  over 20 years.

Berwick Surgicentre

Berwick Surgicentre is an accredited Day Surgery serving the needs of the Berwick and its surrounding suburbs. It is contracted with all health funds , operates Saturdays and has  provided modern , safe ophthalmic surgery for over 13 years

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services and specialties from cataract surgery to paediatric, squint, glaucoma, ocular immunology, medical and surgical retina and neuro-ophthalmology by subspecialists recognised in their field.


Our People

Our dedicated staff are highly  trained to provide you with the  best care possible. We also pride ourselves in educating you fully in your medical condition to allow you to participate in your own care. We welcome your support persons and interpreters as required

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Excellence in Ophthalmology
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Uninsured Patients

Download Our Brochure for Uninsured patients


Berwick Eye Centre is an efficient provider of eye health and our staff are happy to give you quotes for planned treatments including cataract surgery so that you have the benefit of the Doctor  of your Choice and do not have to wait for extended periods for treatments and that care is not rationed to you.


All of our doctors also  attend public patients in public hospitals so they have the benefit of being bale to attend private doctors in public hospitals.  This can provide some saving in the surgical costs.

Out of pocket costs for the consultation

The consultation and ancillary tests are rebatable partially   by Medicare ( with a valid referral) and there are out of pocket costs involved. The out of pocket cost are reduced for certain concession card holders.

The consultation does not include costs of any ancillary investigations that are required that may include ultrasound or laser biometry to calculate the strength of the lens. If there is Astigmatism, ( abnormal curvature of the cornea) whose correction is required at surgery corneal topography may be necessary. If there are other eye diseases found or suspected, perimetry, OCT or angiography may be required before  surgery can be planned.

We will inform you of  any additional charges before the procedure and they are displayed prominently at the reception desk.



After Surgery

All consultations at Berwick Eye Centre  during the 6 week postoperative period are  included in in the aftercare.

Your surgeon will provide you with pre-admission forms. Please complete both sides of these and post them as soon as possible to us. This will enable our staff to register your details and minimise delay at admission. If you become ill in the days before your surgery.

If you develop a cough, cold or any other illness you should contact your surgeon and the staff at Berwick Surgicentre as your surgery may need to be postponed until you are well. Pre-Operative telephone call One or two days prior to your operation you will receive a telephone call from our nursing staff.

The nurse will advise the following:

 • Your arrival time

 • Your fasting times

 • Transport and parking arrangements

 • The length of time you can expect to be at Berwick Surgicentre

 • Your post-operative care

 • Any previous illnesses and operations

 • Any allergies to food or medicines

 • Any special dietary requirements

 • Who is taking you home and staying with you on the night of your surgery This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about your admission and the post-operative care that you will need. This call will take approx. 10 minutes. On the day of your surgery

 • Shower or bath at home—you may use deodorant, but do not use talcum powder, face creams, make-up, perfumes or after shave.

 • You may wear your wedding ring, but leave all other jewellery at home.

 • Wear comfortable clothing as you may have to change into a hospital gown.

 • It is important to continue all your normal medications unless your doctor has instructed you other-wise.

 • Bring all medications in original containers with you

 • If you have diabetes or are taking blood thinning medication, you will need to discuss the management of your medications with your surgeon and anaesthetist.

On your arrival at Berwick Surgicentre Our reception staff will confirm your admission details and accept payment for any out of pocket expenses.


Our reception staff will advise you of any out of pocket expenses from the Hospital. You may receive separate accounts from your surgeon, anaesthetist and pathology if it was required. You will need to pay any out of pocket expenses on admission. We accept cash, bank cheques, Visa, MasterCard and EFTPOS.

Your hospital admission

Our nursing staff will prepare you for your operation. This will include: confirming your personal details and checking your consent form. You will have a private consultation with the anaesthetist before your operation. He will ask you about your general health, allergies, your current medications and any previous surgery or illnesses. You may be asked to sign a consent form for the anaesthetic. During your operation you will be monitored by the anaesthetist.

Your operation

The majority of day surgery is now performed under local anaesthetic with sedation. In the operating theatre you may be aware of noises from the equipment or the voices of the staff and you will see the nurses setting up the sterile equipment for your operation.


After your operation you will be moved to a comfortable recliner chair and your health is monitored by the recovery nurses. You will be given light refreshments. When you are ready you will be given discharge instructions and may then be taken home accompanied by a responsible adult

When you go home Allow yourself time to recover and rest during the first 24 hours.

Things to avoid:

 • Driving a car until authorized by your surgeon

 • Signing important documents (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic).

 • Drinking alcohol and smoking (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic)

 • Operating machinery

 • Any strenuous activity

 • Looking after small children

Post-operative telephone call

If your surgeon has not reviewed you in the first 10 days then in most cases one of our nurses will call you in the week following surgery to discuss your post-operative care

Your surgeon will schedule your postoperative appointments.

Our commitment to you The Berwick Surgicentre was set up by a group of specialist surgeons to enable them to offer the highest possible standard of care to their patients. If you as a patient or your family members need information or assistance in resolving issues concerning your hospitalization, please feel free to call   our nurse manager Sally   on 97689210

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