Perimetry with Humphrey Perimeter

T he Humphrey perimeter is the most sensitive perimeter available and the only one accepted as a "gold standard" for most research and therapy

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We are a modern ophthalmic practice  and have been providing the communities in the South East suburbs with specialist eye care for  over 20 years.

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Berwick Surgicentre is an accredited Day Surgery serving the needs of the Berwick and its surrounding suburbs. It is contracted with all health funds , operates Saturdays and has  provided modern , safe ophthalmic surgery for over 13 years

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We provide a comprehensive range of services and specialties from cataract surgery to paediatric, squint, glaucoma, ocular immunology, medical and surgical retina and neuro-ophthalmology by subspecialists recognised in their field.


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Our dedicated staff are highly  trained to provide you with the  best care possible. We also pride ourselves in educating you fully in your medical condition to allow you to participate in your own care. We welcome your support persons and interpreters as required

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What is Perimetry?



Our visual world is composed of images of colours, textures, edges and contrasts. In addition, these images may be moving or flickering. The goal of visual testing is to quantitate of these functions.


Traditionally we have tested visual function as visual acuity - the capacity to discriminate the fine details of objects and visual field - the portion of space in which objects are visible at the same moment during steady fixation of gaze in one direction. Colour vision testing, flicker sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, pupillary responses and motion testing are some of the other methods of quantitating vision.


Perimetry is the systematic measurement of visual field function.  Left is an example of typical field loss of someone with glaucoma.


With threshold static automated perimetry, a computer program is selected. The most commonly used one tests the central 30° of the visual field using a six degree spaced grid. This is accomplished by keeping the size and location of a target constant and varying the brightness until the dimmest target the patient can see at each of the test locations is found. These maps of visual sensitivity, made by either of these methods, are very important in diagnosing diseases of the visual system. Different patterns of visual loss are found with diseases of the eye, optic nerve central nervous system.


 This is an example of a field defect of someone who has had a stroke and suffered a hemianopia

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