IThe inflamed bump on this eyelid
is caused by a blocked oil gland

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Berwick Eye and  Surgicentre

We are a modern ophthalmic practice  and have been providing the communities in the South East suburbs with specialist eye care for  over 20 years.

Berwick Surgicentre

Berwick Surgicentre is an accredited Day Surgery serving the needs of the Berwick and its surrounding suburbs. It is contracted with all health funds , operates Saturdays and has  provided modern , safe ophthalmic surgery for over 13 years

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services and specialties from cataract surgery to paediatric, squint, glaucoma, ocular immunology, medical and surgical retina and neuro-ophthalmology by subspecialists recognised in their field.


Our People

Our dedicated staff are highly  trained to provide you with the  best care possible. We also pride ourselves in educating you fully in your medical condition to allow you to participate in your own care. We welcome your support persons and interpreters as required

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A chalazion presents as a "bump" on the eyelid, sometimes associated with swelling, redness, pain, or tenderness. If the lesion is large, vision in the involved eye may be blurred or distorted. The lesion is secondary to a blocked meibomian oil gland and sometimes evolves from a hordeolum ("stye"). Inflammation and pointing may sometimes occur, and the tiny associated abscess may spontaneously drain. In many cases, however, the chalazion becomes chronic, and the patient presents desiring removal. 

Treatment initially involves application of warm compresses in attempt to cause spontaneous drainage. Antibiotics, both topically and orally, are of little use. If the patient desires, the chalazion can usually be surgically opened and drained as a minor in-office procedure. Some patients, especially those with rosacea, are prone to recurrences. 

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